Gallery properties

See the Typescript def file (index.d.ts) for more detailed information until I update this.

Property Type Default Description
photos array undefined An array of Photos objects. See below.
columns number or function undefined Optional. The number of columns in a column layout (direction=column). Will use Gallery's breakpoint choosing if undefined.
targetRowHeight number or (containerWidth) => number undefined Optional. The algorithm will do its best to have rows close to this value. The smaller the number, the shorter the row, the more photos will be in a row.
limitNodeSearch number or (containerWidth) => number undefined Optional. Ignored if direction=column. Limit how many neighboring nodes to search for when visiting a node to find the best node or photo to break on. The Gallery decides this for you by default, using an algorithm that determines the probably average photo per row by looking at targetRowHeight and containerWidth and then adding 8. If it isn't limited the gallery would take too long to calculate and it would be looking at nodes that it would not make sense to break on, making unnecessary calculations. For example if we are currently visiting photo #2 we do not need to check if photo #200 is a good place to break because it is likely we will never have that many photos in a row. The smaller the number, the faster your gallery will calculate. Images per row cannot exceed this amount, so its one way of limiting that, but then it will not be able to search ahead for better fits. Use targetRowHeight as a way of adjusting the amount of photos if you want more/less photos per row. If you find your graph is slow, you can make this number smaller. If you pass in a function you will receive the containerWidth as a parameter. If your containerWidth is small and you only want 1 or 2 photos per row, it makes sense to make this number smaller at these breakpoints to speed things up. It is recommended you use the default setting unless you understage its usage.
onClick function undefined Optional. Do something when the user clicks a photo. Receives arguments event and an object containing the index, Photos obj originally sent and the next and previous photos in the gallery if they exist
margin number 2 optional; number of margin pixels around each entire image
direction string 'row' optional; column or row based layout
renderImage function default component optional; use a different image component than the default provided to display your photo

Photos array item properties (passed into Gallery's photos property)

Property Type Default Description
src string undefined the img src attribute value of the image
srcSet array or string undefined optional; srcSet attribute of the image
sizes array or string undefined optional; sizes attribute of the image
width number undefined required; width of the gallery image (only used for calculating aspect ratio)
height number undefined required; height of the gallery image (only used for calculating aspect ratio)
alt string undefined optional; alt text of the gallery image
key string src optional; key to be used on component

renderImage props

renderImage will be called with an object containing these props:

Property Type Value
margin string optional; margin prop optionally passed into Gallery by user
index number required; the index of the photo within the Gallery
photo object required; the individual object passed into Gallery's photos array prop, with all the same props except recalculated height and width
direction string optional; direction passed into Gallery
top number required if direction is 'column'; top position of this image, only passed if direction prop was 'column'
left number required if direction is 'column'; left position of this image, only passed if direction prop was 'column'
onClick function optional; the onClick function optionally passsed into Gallery by user

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